Restaurant management applications available in the market are limited to business solutions, but remain aloof from changes in the sector itself.

As a consequence of the latest technology advances new actors have emerged in the market, which play an increasingly important role in the business chain. Customers are not only eager for a dining experience, but also for it to be coupled with the technology they use on a daily basis.

Class One has worked during the past two years to fill those gaps. Notwithstanding the previous StarPL version's success in numerous customer cases, in 2014 a new project was launched taking into account the latest technologies in the sector (integration with other platforms, mobility, Cloud operation...). The new version of our product, named Restaurant 4.0, is the result of that project.


Business rules have been developed for over 25 years of experience (and continuously improved to meet the demands of the latest market changes). The suite for Intervention Control stands as one of the main focus of interest (Reports of Daily activity, Global reports of dishes profitability, profitability Vs. popularity, Fraud control, seasonality, loyal customer control, table control, etc). The reporting system is so thorough it may provide data as precise as the average spending power (ASP) on rainy days with a temperature between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius.


Enriched with such a long field experience, we have developed a very simple to use, extremely customizable system, always paying a lot of attention to the aesthetic aspect. Each restaurant will be able to run the specific software program they desire. Additionally, on-line guides are available from within the application, with instructive videos on how to use our tools.


Direct integration with the Restaurant is implemented from any mobile device with a browser, allowing the customer to summon the waiter, get his or her bill immediately, submit dishes pre-request, rate the meal, share their visit to the restaurant on social networks.

All the data the system gathers through the functionalities previously indicated allows the Program to fuel a powerful CRM module.

Business Intelligence

Immediate response Business Intelligence functionalities, which enable instantaneous measures at the right time. If a client sitting at a table orders some wine above a certain threshold, an SMS will be sent right away to the duty manager, so he or she knows there's someone special at the restaurant.


Your customers will be able to make reservations from their mobile phones, ask for home delivery and have all their orders sent straight away to the restaurant. They'll access any restaurant included in the Reservation Centre. Each restaurant will check their own customers' data while the Centre will have access to all the clients. Finally, customers will be able to check the information regarding every restaurant they've been to.

Additional possibilities include configuring a reward point programme, connecting to social networks, evaluating the restaurant's QC and dishes.


Customer information is maximized. You'll be able to analyse your clients by number of visits, spent money, quantity of diners, average spending per person, sale channel, location... and from the gathered data you may develop whichever commercial actions you see fit, campaigns via email or SMS.

You'll also be able to analyse which dishes specific customers have chosen or the other way around: checking which clients have ordered a given dish.

Last but not least our customers will rate our restaurants and dishes, they may share their information on social networks right from the application, just the way they'll provide opinions which will always be helpful to improve our quality of service.


The application design facilitates a great deal its use for any user role (Management, cook, waiter, customer...). User guides are available from the application, along with a search tool to solve any kind of question and videos regarding basic functionalities.

Besides it's totally responsive, adapting itself to any device with a compatible Internet browser.

We reckon your waiters won't need any training or qualification to easily learn how to use Restaurant 4.0.


The system has an accounting tool that will show you every transaction: income and expenses, VAT; classified by accounts that can be customized at will.

This data is easily exported to any accounting application, besides to formats such as CSV, PDF or plain text.

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Restaurant 4.0

Have a look at our commercial dossier where all the capabilities of the application are described in detail.


You can see videos and on-line user guides for the application here.


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