In the Catering sector, managing every department determines the profitability of each of them. Any self-respecting warehouse must keep tabs on the income at each point of sale, whether direct (Bars, Retail, Souvenirs, etc) or production (Restaurants, Kitchens, Rooms, All included, etc). To achieve this goal a simple to use and powerful tool is mandatory, and that tool must be unique and comprehensive.

Class One has worked since 1986 in building it: from elaboration of dishes (ingredients, preparation stages, etc), quartering at purchase, bidding techniques (choosing the best supplier and best articles), analysing consumption per sale at each department through the theoretical sales technique, enabling inventory at any desired date, or readjusting the inventory without necessarily stop registering delivery notes, or accounting for every consumption the right way in order to derive our USALI.

All these and many other business rules, which have been refined over the years, wouldn't make sense today without implementing the latest technologies in the field (integration with other platforms, mobility, Cloud operation...). The new version of our product, named WareHouse 4.0, is the result of this project.


Business rules have been developed for over 30 years of experience (and continuously improved to meet the demands of the latest market changes). The suite for Intervention Control stands as one of the main focus of interest (Bidding -who should I buy a given article from -what am I buying from a specific supplier, plain Purchase Logs, Transfers and Consumptions, Consumption per Department analysis, Article History, Inventory by Smartphone. The reporting system is so thorough it can provide data as precise as the inventory at February, 13th, 1998.

Easy to use

Enriched with such a long field experience, we have developed a very simple to use, extremely customizable system, always paying a lot of attention to the aesthetic aspect. Each client will be able to run the specific software program they desire. It provides visual tools to avoid having 'frozen' or broken stocks. Additionally, on-line guides are available from within the application, with instructive videos on how to use it.


Direct integration with the rest of the Web 4.0 applications (StarPL - Restaurant, StarRetail - POS Retail, StarPOS - Bar-Cafeteria POS, StarCard - Stored value Card, StarEvent - BEO, ... and of course they are linked to our Accounting and Hotel Charges.

All the data the system gathers through the previously said functionalities allows the Software to have a very powerful SRM module.

Business Intelligence

Immediate response Business Intelligence functionalities, which enable instantaneous measures at the right time. In the event of an unauthorised article purchase, an order amount above a given threshold, or an article cost above a previously set value, ... an SMS will be sent immediately to the head of F&B, so he or she'll know someone's not doing their job.

Dynamic Delivery Note Capturing

Swiftness. If our suppliers do our job easier we'll gain in efficacy and efficiency. Handing the merchandise implies the corresponding delivery note file also being given to us. The internal codification will not match ours, but there's always a common point: the barcode.

The system checks for matches and should a mismatch arise, it'll be displayed so we can then correct it.


Supplier information is maximized. You'll be able to analyse your suppliers thanks to detailed reports regarding purchased articles, their costs, quantities, seasonality of purchases, and thus decide if a specific supplier is cost-effective. We can also compare the same product from different suppliers. Finally from the gathered data you may develop whichever commercial actions you see fit, as for instance getting new suppliers, renegotiating purchase contracts,...

You'll have on line all the purchase contracts you've signed with every supplier, and on the supplier purchase entry the system will tell you if both parties are complying with the signed deal.



The application design facilitates a great deal its use by any user role (Management, warehouse employees, Cost Control...). User guides are available from the application, along with a search tool to solve any kind of question and videos regarding basic functionalities.

Besides it's totally responsive, adapting itself to any device with a compatible Internet browser.

We reckon your employees won't need any training or qualification to easily learn how to use Warehouse 4.0.


The system has an accounting tool that will show you every incoming movement, transfers between departments, consumptions, losses and accounting for delivery notes (invoices pending reception); classified by accounts that can be customized at will.

This data is easily exported to any accounting application, as well as to formats such as CSV, PDF or plain text.

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Warehouse 4.0

Have a look at our commercial dossier where all the capabilities of the application are described in detail..


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