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Easy/Friendly Waiters and waitresses needn't know the app beforehand, as they will be automatically guided by the intuitive user interface. This is ideal when taking on new staff. With the minimum number of clicks a ticket is generated, charged or assigned to a specific Table. Enriched with such a long field experience, we have developed a very simple to use, extremely customizable system, always paying a lot of attention to the aesthetic aspect. Therefore, each of our clients will be able to run the specific software program they desire.

Powerful Our customers have a full name, they are part of the system. Payment methods, beyond the conventional ones, include paying with Points, Loyalty Cards, Stored value cards and Hotel/Restaurant Charge. All these and many other business rules, which have been refined over the years, wouldn't make sense today without implementing the latest technologies in the field (integration with other platforms, mobility, Cloud operation...). The new version of our product, named StarPOS 4.0, is the result of this project.


Retail Function

Retail Function

We have integrated in a single system the two main features available in the market (Bar/Cafeteria and Retail). There is a third feature aimed at Major Accounts, a data input version, 100% customized for the End Customer.

Dynamic price management

In the Catering sector, the outcome of managing the different departments is attesting the profitability of each of them. When using the Warehouse 4.0 application if a delivery note is entered in the Retail/Supermarket Department, should an item's price vary from the previously existing one, the system's response is to ask us if we wish to change it on the Supermarket Price List.


Anti-fraud control

Anti-fraud control is customizable at levels of security.

Every waiter or waitress who handles a ticket must identify himself or herself. Different identification methods are available: on-screen, keyboard, ID card reader (as each waiter or waitress will have his or her magnetic card), proximity reader for wristbands, digital fingerprint, ...

Blind "Z" Total Sales of the Day (TSD). Waiters won't have access to TSD data and they won't have access either to the partial sales of the day (what's been sold during that day, up to that instant). When entering the TSD they'll give the amounts they've collected from each Till. The suite for Intervention Control stands as one of the main focus of interest, where we'll compare Takings Vs Sales.

Absolute Integration with Warehouse

When dealing with the Total Sales of the Day "Z", items' sales in every POS are automatically updated at the Warehouse, thus letting us know at all times the Profitability of each Department.

Direct integration with the rest of our Web 4.0 applications (StarEcon Warehouse, StarPL Restaurant, StarCard Stored value Card, StarEvent BEO and of course linking with our Accounting and Hotel).

Business Intelligence

Immediate response Business Intelligence functionalities, which enable instantaneous measures at the right time. If a given table's expense is above a certain threshold, an SMS will be sent right away to the duty manager, so he or she is notified there's someone special at the Cafeteria.


Customer information is maximized. You'll be able to analyse which dishes and drinks specific customers have chosen or the other way around: checking which clients have ordered a given item/dish. You'll be able to analyse your clients by number of visits, spent money, location... and from the gathered data you may develop whichever commercial actions you see fit, as for instance campaigns via email or SMS.

Last but not least our customers will rate our cafeterias and dishes, they may share their information on social networks right from the application, just the way they'll provide opinions which will always be helpful to improve our quality of service.



The application design facilitates a great deal its use by any user role (Management, Cook, Waiter, Customer, Cost control...). User guides are available from within the application, along with a search tool to solve any kind of question and videos regarding basic functionalities.

Besides it's totally responsive, adapting itself to any device with a compatible Internet browser.

We reckon your waiters won't need any training or qualification to easily learn how to use StarPOS 4.0.


The system has an accounting tool that will show you every Sale transaction in each Department; classified by accounts that can be customized at will.

At BAR/Cafeteria the sales accounting accounts will be organized by dish/drink/other of each Department, and at Retail they'll be grouped by different Item Families.

This data is easily exported to any accounting application, besides to formats such as CSV, PDF or plain text.

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StarPOS 4.0

Have a look at our commercial dossier where all the capabilities of the application are described in detail.


You can see videos and on-line user guides for the application here.


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