Many years ago when we were automating a hotel, its director said it would a good idea for clients to have upon check in the possibility of buying a card with a specific value stored and subsequently use it to purchase at the multiple points of sale. Christiane explained that Customers would thus be able to control their expenses better, for instance when handing it over to their children.

Truth is that way you're forcing the Customer to spend at the Hotel. On the other hand if the card design is "cool" the customer, should the stored value be low at the time of check out, may want to carry it back to e.g. Germany as a souvenir.

That was the inception of our Prepaid Card in 2004. In the current re-platforming (conversion of systems to Web 4.0) we've broadened the card's goals, since now it's part of our corporation and also, if so desired, it'll be associated to a customer (full name). Consequently it's one of the enabled forms of payment at the StarCrS (Central Reservation System), so you can pay at the partner businesses who've joined the program, in a similar fashion as the Restaurant Tickets operation.

In April 2016, Hotel has been upgraded to Web 4.0 and the results are still spectacular, on high season sales above 5,000 USD per day.

All in all, an additional product of the Web 4.0 family, aimed at being a Prepaid Card valid for all our applications.


4-tier technology Client, Web, Business Logic and Database. We generally use free software, adding our own developments. In the different tiers several tools have been used, such as Eclipse, Hibernate, Tapestry, Tomcat, HTML 5, CCS3, Java, Java-script, Spring, MySQL ,...

All the data input user interfaces are responsive and valid for any device (smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, ...), featuring a meticulous design that any kind of user will easily understand. Web Accessibility: using a browser you'll have access to the whole system from any location. We bring in the latest technological utilities (Geolocation, Beacons, Sockets, WhatsApp, Augmented Reality, ...) and continuously collect feedback regarding the most recent Market changes, in order to improve and provide the best solutions as is required from us.

Easy to use

Enriched with such a long field experience, we have developed a very simple to use, extremely customizable system, always paying a lot of attention to the aesthetic aspect. Each client will be able to run the specific software program they desire. It provides visual tools to control at all time the stored value in the cards and all the movements the Customer makes at the multiple POS of businesses associated with the Prepaid Card program.

Additionally, on-line guides are available from within the application, with instructive videos on how to use it.


Direct integration with the rest of the Web 4.0 applications that imply forms of payment (StarPL - Restaurant, StarRetail - POS Retail, StarPOS - Bar-Cafeteria POS) and of course they are linked to our Accounting.

All the data the system gathers through the previously said functionalities allows the Software to have a very powerful CRM module, since you'll be able to monitor customers associated to StarCard.


Earning Customer Loyalty

  • StarCard is FidelityCard
  • The system may earn Customer loyalty by providing special offers for them
  • Achieved goal reward policy: number of visits, spent money, introduced customers,...)
  • The Customer may check at any time how much they've spent at the Restaurant, Cafeteria,... all his or her data is stored
  • Offers may be accumulated in their FidelityCard, increasing the stored value.
At any time you'll know the stored values of all active cards, purchases done with each individually or given a selected group, at the multiple points of sale, how long a customer with stored value on his or her card hasn't used it, ...



The system has an accounting tool that will show you every incoming movement, transfers between departments, consumptions, losses and accounting for delivery notes (invoices pending reception); classified by accounts that can be customized at will.

This data is easily exported to any accounting application, as well as to formats such as CSV, PDF or plain text.


Contact us -if you're interested, we are ready to hear your needs.


Have a look at our commercial dossier where all the capabilities of the application are described in detail.