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The latest component in StarMR, the Class One Comprehensive Hotel Management Suite, is a Booking Engine, fully integrated with the Seven Stars PMS that obviously may be added to any Hotel web site.

With a cost well below what's usual for Booking Engines available in the market, its user experience is noted for its agility and usability: a friendly and intuitive interface (that allows for easy changes in Type of Room, Number of Guests, Meal Plan, Check-in and Check-out Dates, etc.), calculates and instantaneously updates the booking total prices, even when several rooms are booked in the same reservation.

As a consequence of the latest technology advances new actors have emerged in the market, which play an increasingly important role in the business chain. Customers are not only eager for a dining or hotel experience, but also for it to be coupled with the technology they use on a daily basis. We have included your Customers as a new added value, as an active member of your Business.


4-tier technology: Client, Web, Business Logic and Database. We generally use free software, adding our own developments. In the different tiers several tools have been used, such as Eclipse, Hibernate, Tapestry, Tomcat, HTML 5, CCS3, Java, Java-script, Spring, MySQL,...

All the data input user interfaces are responsive and valid for any device (smartphone, Tablet, Laptop;...). featuring a meticulous design that any kind of user will easily understand. Web Accessibility: using a browser you'll have access to the whole system from any location. We bring in the latest technological utilities (Geolocation, Beacons, Sockets, WhatsApp, Augmented Reality, ...) and continuously collect feedback regarding the most recent Market changes, in order to improve and provide the best solutions as is required from us.

Easy to use

Easy/Friendly Clients needn't know the application beforehand, as they will be automatically guided by the intuitive user interface. The first thing they'll notice is dates and prices, so they may select the most suitable date and price right away.

Check other kind of rooms, edit the number of guests, meal plan, children and the system will immediately respond with the updated prices if need be.

Since the answer to any inquiry is instantaneous, the system applies upselling methods. The customer may ask: How much will breakfast cost me and what are its conditions? If the difference isn't notable, he or she may decide to book bed and breakfast, half board or full board instead of just the room. The system would react immediately suggesting new prices on the calendar, so that the customer may say "why not?", or check "if I alter the date it's cheaper".

Powerful Check out prices and conditions of other fees present in the system, usually if "Non refundable" is selected, as it's almost always a lower price depending on the proximity of dates, then all prices are updated, even throughout all the calendar. "Why not selecting the lowest fee, since I know for sure I'm going to be there in those dates?" The only usual consequence if the customer doesn't show up is that he or she will anyway be charged for the stay.

Languages. Any additional language may be included for the Booking system at any time.


Nowadays visibility is essential. Achieve it by launching the best promotion of your business. Boost those days of lower guest flow with discounts. Study your pricing thoroughly and increase your Hotel's Web visibility.

Customers usually pay attention to those venues with offers and if they're attracted to them, they may stop looking for further options and book at your business.

Special promotions for an Event, Group, ..., you may define a promotion to be visible at the Engine, unless the potential guest enters a promo code, activating the latter instantly.

Powerful Promo Generator

  • Apply discount on any Seven Stars system fee
  • Set the dates for the Promo
  • Increase / Decrease prices according to the day of the week
  • Set a meal plan as mandatory in certain circumstances
  • Set a minimum stay as mandatory
  • Apply an x for (14x21, 7x6),...

Customer Loyalty


Those customers you'd like to earn loyalty from will have their own username and password. When they login at the Booking Engine, their full data will be attached to the reservation, plus they'll get an additional discount agreed to with each customer, on the fee they select when booking, except for Non refundable fees.

Hotel - mininum/maximum

Minimum effort

  • Any fee change you conduct on the PMS related to the Engine will be automatically done
  • If you close dates, open dates, change quotas, ..., on the PMS because of your Hotel's needs, they're already done for the Engine
  • Close your dates. The system closes dates automatically in the event of no availability for a specific kind of room.
  • No refundable. Early Booking. If you've decided that the system should feature the automatic No refundable + Early Booking option, the price change is automatic for all days.
  • Every reservation generated in the Booking Engine gets an email sent to the head of Accommodation and a report is print for the record.

Maximum immediacy

  • Instant Engine data upload
  • Reservations. Time required to close a booking is below 3 second and it's immediately added to your PMS.
  • E.g. a large reservation has been made and I don't have enough rooms, therefore immediate closing of dates takes place in the Engine.
  • Immediate increase of special fees in the Engine.
  • Immediate uploading of specific Engine images, descriptions, etc (Room Photo, conditions of a Special Fee,...)


Easy to use

Registration requires only some minimal data and saving it is immediate. What's more, certain sections may have images and descriptions added in the multiple used languages.

  • General Settings for Engine Behaviour
  • Hotel Information
  • Languages
  • Types of rooms
  • Room amenities
  • Types of fees visible in the Engine
  • Meal plans
  • Extras / Supplements
  • Extras

Powerful Information of Fees, Quotas, Closing, Loyal Customers, ..., will be delivered to the Engine daily and automatically at previously scheduled times. This doesn't imply that the Hotel can't ask for a manual update


Seeing immediately the prices of different rooms may imply the purchase of a higher level room.

Seeing immediately the prices of different meal plans may imply the purchase of a higher level plan.

Seeing the non refundable fee as cheaper than others implies charging it, with no option of failed reservation.

Making the options for 'extras' and Hotel prices explicitly available/visible for potential customers may lead them to hire the services provided by our company.


Have a look at our commercial dossier where all the capabilities of the application are described in detail.


Contact us -if you're interested, we are eager to hear your needs.

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