Seven Stars - Property Management System - A Different Demo

  Yield Management easy, simple and manageable   Production Journals
  Integral Interactive Dashboard   Graph of weekly seasonality. Other graphs
  Integral Interactive Dashboard Comparative   Comparative last 5 periods.
  Yield Planned Comparative   Frequency of occupancy per week.
  Absolute Analysis of Revenue ForeCast Reservation   Pyramid of ages.
  Pick-UP (Evolution of Booking)   Our module of CRM.
  Production Studies. By channels, by country ...   Nur module of HouseKeeping.
  TOP 10/BOTTOM 10 (Channels, Segments, Rates,..)   All Types of Booking.
  Food Statistic   Failure Module and Preventive Maintenance.

The options represented in this DEMO are examples that characterize the programs Class One, can be put many more nevertheless for a vision more than generally we believe are sufficient