StarBEO begins its trajectory in 1993 with the automation of a great Hotel with some wonderful amenities and specialized in events which garnered it a tremendous prestige. At the time this hotel was already dealing with 365 events every year, with a high percentage of weddings, top company meals, ... besides, their Restaurant was a reference in the area. We were lucky enough forJose Vicente, head of control, to share with us all the operation mechanics behind Service Orders, and their corresponding link with Warehouse and Restaurant.

"What good paellas we had and what an exquisite lobster gazpacho".

Over the years we've improved the system more and more, and we can say that nowadays we have one of the best products available in the market. In the Catering sector, managing every department determines the profitability of each of them and the BEO department has an enormous economic impact on the company's results. We are proud of our simple to use and powerful tool that combines multiple functions in a single product. StarBEO is part of the StarEcon system but an independent application, however related to the StarEcon Warehouse 4.0 management software, as well as Restaurant StarPL and Hotel Seven Stars, from which it gathers a significant part of the data it operates on.


4-tier technology Client, Web, Business Logic and Database. We generally use free software, adding our own developments. In the different tiers several tools have been used, such as Eclipse, Hibernate, Tapestry, Tomcat, HTML 5, CCS3, Java, Java-script, Spring, MySQL,...

All the data input user interfaces are responsive and valid for any device (smartphone, Tablet, Laptop,...). featuring a meticulous design that any kind of user will easily understand. Web Accessibility: using a browser you'll have access to the whole system from any location. We bring in the latest technological utilities (Geolocation, Beacons, Sockets, WhatsApp, Augmented Reality,...), and continuously collect feedback regarding the most recent Market changes, in order to improve and provide the best solutions as is required from us.


StarBEO, Banquet and Event Orders, offers an integral solution for managing and controlling Events. It includes, among others, the following functionalities:

  • Which Events have taken place, are going to and/or are currently taking place.
  • Management of Events and their files, completely automated (both before the customer as well as internally among the multiple departments involved).
  • Booking with a User Interface in visual mode, in order to gain a better planning of Halls. Related to Seven Stars (PMS, Comprehensive Hotel Management).
  • Analysis of Profitability (individually, globally, between given dates, etc.), including details related to Recipes, Menus, Service Orders, etc.
  • Purchase Forecast, considering the scheduled Events (cross-referencing data with the StarEcon Warehouse 4.0application)
  • Etc.


SO - Service Order // BEO - Banquet and Event Orders

  • Full management of the multiple System SO (BEO): ID and Analysis of associated data
  • Comprehensive tracking: Budget, Customer Communication, Implementing, Cost and Failed

Commercial Management:

  • Swiftness in preparing and presenting any Budget
  • Tracking of Pending, Budget assigned, Implemented and Failed
  • Warning System

Customer Management:

  • Automated sending to Customers (email, SMS, ...)
  • Full Customer Management
  • BEO reuse (Management Board, company meeting, Wedding "just like or similar to", etc.)


  • Linking with Hotel Halls
  • Visual calendars (planning process optimization)
  • It's possible to assign different Status to each BEO, in order to improve Booking Management


  • It integrates and improves performance of Restaurant Dish management
  • Profitability Analysis per Menus and/or Dishes

Inventory / Purchases::

  • Study of the purchase needs, considering real stock status at our Warehouse
  • It helps to develop the purchase assessment for a BEO, for a certain timeframe, etc.


Direct Integration with the rest of Web 4.0 applications (StarPL - Restaurant, StarRetail - POS Retail, StarPOS - POS Bar-Cafeteria, StarEcon - Warehouse, Seven Stars - Hotel,... and of course linking with our Accounting.

Warehouse StarEcon Warehouse 4.0
Restaurant StarPL Restaurant 4.0
StarPOS Bar/Retail StarPOS Web 4.0
Hotel Seven Stars,


OS/BEO - it is becoming increasingly usual for an Event to take place in different stages, both in the same day and on subsequent days. For instance:

  • Bachelor party the previous day at the Disco, Coffee break in the morning and later on the wedding itself.
  • Book launch in a Hall and then a Coffee break in another Hall
  • Lunch in a Dining Room and Free-for-all at the Pool
  • ...


The application design facilitates a great deal its use by any user role (Management, warehouse employee, Cost Control, Sales representatives, Accommodation Officer - Hall Booking, Technical Support, Assembly,...).

It's totally responsive, adapting itself to any device with a compatible Internet browser.

We reckon your sales employees will be ready to sell events right away with no fear of incurring Overbooking, your cooks will easily foresee their purchase needs, your financial managers will oversee Break Even points,..., with no need of previous training they'll easily learn how to use StarBEO 4.0.


The system features an accounting tool that'll show you every accounting movement originated in the StarBEO application, classified by accounts customizable at will.

This data is easily exported to any accounting application, besides to formats such as CSV, PDF or plain text.


Have a look at our commercial dossier where all the capabilities of the application are described in detail.


Contact us -if you're interested, we are ready to hear your needs.