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Software applications available in the market are limited to business solutions, but remain aloof from changes in the sector itself.

As a consequence of the latest technology advances new actors have emerged in the market, which play an increasingly important role in the business chain. Customers are not only eager for a dining or hotel experience, but also for it to be coupled with the technology they use on a daily basis. We've included your Customers as an added value that is actively involved in your Business.

Class One has worked during the past three years to fill those gaps. In 2014 a new project was launched taking into account the latest technologies in the sector (integration with other platforms, mobility, Cloud operation...). The new version of our product, named Web 4.0, is the result of that project.

The success of this project has benefitted from two factors. First, all the business rules that have been refined over the years. Second, hiring a new generation of young engineers who contribute with their own user habits: Millennials and "Y" Generation.


4-tier technology Client, Web, Business Logic and Database. We generally use free software, adding our own developments. In the different tiers several tools have been used, such as Eclipse, Hibernate, Tapestry, Tomcat, HTML 5, CCS3, Java, Java-script, Spring, MySQL,...

All the data input user interfaces are responsive and valid for any device (smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, ...), featuring a meticulous design that any kind of user will easily understand. Web Accessibility: using a browser you'll have access to the whole system from any location. We bring in the latest technological utilities (Geolocation, Beacons, Sockets, WhatsApp, Augmented Reality, ...) and continuously collect feedback regarding the most recent Market changes, in order to improve and provide the best solutions as is required from us.

Secure & Trustworthy IDe

Customer Registration requires some minimum data (Name, Telephone number, Email and password). It will be activated once a code sent by SMS to his or her telephone is confirmed. Customers may also login using their Facebook account. It's a simple to use system, focusing on aesthetics, swiftness and trustworthiness.

Setting Mobile phone guarantees the customer's ID, certifying for us the identity of who makes the reservations, ratings, orders,...

Our Customers have a full name, they are part of our system.

Easy to use

Easy/Friendly Customers needn't know the application, they will be guided by the intuitive graphical user interface. The first thing they will notice are the promotions you've included in the Central Reservation System. Once a location has been chosen, they may limit their search to only Restaurants, Hotels or Bars, or to specific categories. The list of results can be ordered by rating, alphabetical order, price range or current promos.

Powerful Once the Venue has been chosen, besides making Reservations, submitting Orders, Rating or Consulting the Menu, an additional set of very useful functions is also available: go to their Web Site, telephoning with a single click, send an email, get their Wifi-SSID/Password credentials, or send a WhatsApp message to whomever the customer is meeting or dating, with all the venue data attached (Business Name, street address, phone number, Google Maps location)

The Reservation system is currently available in 12 languages; any additional language may be implemented any time if so desired.


You may choose, Near me, or select any other place (in this case predictive text is run). After the location is chosen, nearby Restaurants, Hotels and Bars are shown. If several are available, the number of each is featured on different circles, by clicking on the number it will decrease gradually until only the desired are shown.

Browser and smartphone must be given access to the location information.


Being seen is of utter importance nowadays, you may achieve this by promoting your business the best way. Boost those days of lower inflow with discounts, happy hour, 2x1...

Customers tend to check venues with offers and if attracted by these it's very likely they will search no more and make a reservation at your business.

CRM - Customer loyalty

CRM Customer information is maximized. You'll be able to analyse your clients by number of visits, spent money, number of diners, average spending power, sale channel, location... and from the gathered data you may develop whichever commercial actions you see fit, as for instance campaigns via email or SMS.

CRM You'll also be able to analyse which dishes and drinks specific customers have chosen or the other way around: checking which clients have ordered a given item/dish.

CRM Last but not least our customers will rate our restaurants and dishes, they may share their information on social networks right from the application, just the way they'll provide opinions which will always be helpful to improve our quality of service.

Earning customer loyalty

  • Payment with points earned thanks to previous buyings
  • The system may earn Customer loyalty by launching special offers for them
  • Achieved goal reward policy: number of visits, spent money, introduced customers,...)
  • The Customer may check at any time how much they've spent at the Restaurant, Cafeteria, ... how many points they've earned, reservations they've made,...


The application design facilitates a great deal its use by any user role (Management, waiter, customer...). Our customers may become part of the system, handling functions they could've never imagined some time ago. Enriched with such a long field experience, we have developed a very simple to use, extremely customizable system, always paying a lot of attention to the aesthetic aspect. Therefore, each of our clients will use the application with complete ease.

Besides it's totally responsive, adapting itself to any device with a compatible Internet browser.

The Establishment's Extranet Data is easily accessible, so at any time the Manager may modify the parameters under which his or her Business is run at our Central Reservation System.


Hotel A straight connection to the selected Hotel is set up from the Reservation page. If you have our StarMR application installed, the interface is direct to Hotel Reservations, StarMR 4.0, which, besides displaying a wide range of prices, uses upselling techniques.

Restaurant Once the Restaurant is selected, the Customer will be able to:

  • Make a reservation (if you have StarPL 4.0 installed, it'll go straight to the system; otherwise the Restaurant will receive an email)
  • Orders. StarPL 4.0 is required.
    • Home Delivery. The Customer may pay with Points, Stored value Card,...
    • Take Away. The Customer may pay with Points, Stored value Card,...
  • Have a look at the Restaurant Menu. StarPL 4.0 is required.

Bar/Cafeteria Once the Bar is selected, the Customer will be able to:

  • Make a reservation (if you have StarPOS 4.0 installed, it'll go straight to the system; otherwise, the Bar will receive an email)
  • Make an order. StarPOS 4.0 is required.
    • Home Delivery. The Customer may pay with Points, Stored value Card,...
    • Take Away. The Customer may pay with Points, Stored value Card,...
  • Check for Offers.

Events Checking out scheduled Events is also enabled.

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StarCrS 4.0

Have a look at our commercial dossier where all the capabilities of the application are described in detail.


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