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Seven Stars is the Hotel PMS of Class One Group. It encompasses all the tools a Hotel needs to operate and it's also designed to easily integrate in the multiple 'satellite' technologies such a business uses on its daily operation. .

After 25 years of existence this software has reached a maturity level hard to find in any other PMS in the market: notwithstanding its fidelity to the original architecture (respecting the design basics of the earliest versions) the application has evolved along two main paths:

  • Debugging: over time Seven Stars has become the only PMS that guarantees at all times your hotel's IT. Seven Stars is a finished, debugged, stable, error-free tool.
  • Available capability: drawing from suggestions from our clients, the Class One team has enriched the functional coverage of our Suite for a comprehensive hotel management. Month after month, year after year, new tools, reports, interfaces, etc have been added, in order to guarantee that every process in your business is regarded and included in our software's multiple options.

As a consequence of the latest technology advances new actors have emerged in the market, which play an increasingly important role in the business chain. Customers are not only eager for a dining or hotel experience, but also for it to be coupled with the technology they use on a daily basis. We have included your Customers as a new added value, as an active member of your Business.


Debugging: The number of phone calls/incidents/questions we receive from our clients is 2,87 per hotel and year, from the second year on operating with us.

Available capability

The current market offers the hotel owner hundreds of PMS: local, national and foreign products, all of them obviously allow the user to effectively handle a reservation, check-in/check-out o check if a room has been cleaned or not.

However, there are certain differential factors, more complex and exclusive capabilities , that only a few PMS provide: features as centralized management of online reservations, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) techniques for commercial development or implementing advanced Yield & Revenue Management methods. These, among others, are becoming gradually more and more important to make the daily operation of a hotel easier and they may make the difference when it comes to getting the best out of your business.

Seven Stars is a complete Software solution that delivers the required support to every process in your hotel, both at front and back office.

Executive & Operational Reporting

Seven Stars PMS incorporates one of the most complete Reporting Suites in the sector. Even though it encompasses the whole needs running a Hotel every day requires (operational reporting), it features a wide range of reports aimed at Direction and Ownership of the business (executive reporting).

It is in fact one of the strongest points in the application: Seven Stars analysis and development teams have aimed their effort, at all times, to producing profitability from the daily generated Hotel data for the benefit of the Hotel itself. And to achieve this goal you must have the proper tools.

Main reports in the Seven Stars Reporting Suite

Among the most prominent reports the Seven Stars PMS features some of the following stand out:

  • The IIBSC (Integral Interactive Balanced ScoreCard) shows, for the current date, occupied and available rooms, % of occupation, production (room, meal plan, service, Total), average price, RevPAR, invoiced amount, raised amount, pending amount, occupation pie or bar chart. "Comparative Calendar" mode also available.
  • The Reservation Revenue Forecast capability enables Reservation database exploitation through instant queries that are customizable with multiple possible filtering criteria. The tool takes into account both present time stays and future reservations.
  • The "Last 5 Year Comparative" report allows the user to see, for a five year timeframe, the information related to Occupation Percentage, Average Price and RevPAR.
  • The Executive Information System menu presents the user with multiple executive and operative reports.
    • Occupation and Production Rates
    • Daily Occupation and Production, Production Studies
    • Global Production Dashboard, which reflects aggregate production of Hotel POS and Restaurants between the dates selected by the user
    • Production Scoreboard, executive report that gathers the Hotel's main events (room, meal plan, service) and enables a 3 year in a row production comparison.
    • Occupation per Agency / Company, occupation and production per segments, countries, day of week
    • Occupation charts (Room/Pax, daily, monthly), weekly seasonality chart
    • Annual Occupation Summary
    • Evolution of latest periods
    • Price mismatch: Analysis and control of non-compliance with company's price policy and Zero Price control (House Account, Mail)
    • Age pyramid
  • Global Production Dashboard, which reflects aggregate production of Hotel POS and Restaurants between the dates selected by the user. Information is shown grouped by Services
  • The Seven Stars Yield Planner enables the user to see, given an annual calendar, the percentage of occupation, average price per room and RevPAR (revenue per available room). There's also a comparative version of two given years (see the Yield & Revenue Management module))

Housekeeping Management

Such basic Hotel daily functions as division of labour among the room staff, managed by the Housekeeper, or dealing with lost & found objects, are completely out of reach for most PMS available in the market.

Seven Stars has an exclusive Housekeeping Management module, focused on making the Housekeeper job easier.

Tools for Housekeeping Management

Using this module the Housekeeper will be able to perform tasks such as the following:

  • Division of labour among the room staff (Dispatching), cleaning scheduling per quadrants
  • Edit room status: by dialing a code from the same room's telephone set (directly, through the telephone call centre). Thanks to this capability the Hotel may abandon the use of walkie-talkies and, what's more, keep an exhaustive control of each room employee's location at any given time, analyse time spent in each room, etc.
  • Management of lost & found (registry, inventory, recovery)
  • Service scheduling (change of linen, towels, etc.) depending on parameters such as day of week, check-in or check-out day, etc.
  • Room cleaning history (for room staff quality control, eventual guest complaints, etc.)
  • Tracking of rooms that are available during a number of days specified by the user (for instance for a preventive control of legionella)



Following requests submitted by several Seven Stars clients, Class One developed between 2006 and 2007 a complete (Customer Relationship Management) CRM module that allows the Hotel to make the most of the daily generated data. In order to do this, requests from several Hotels were analysed and a robust and comprehensive module was designed, capable of fulfilling the questions put forward:

  • Which customers have spent the largest amounts this year at the Hotel? I'd like to send them a Christmas Card....
  • Which German customers have spent the largest amounts this year per room? I may offer them some kind of promo...
  • What do my customers think of the Hotel premises? Is there anything we may improve?
  • Which customers are checking in this week? Knowing their prior experiences, I may give them a preferential treatment...
  • How on Earth did one of my best customers spend his or her birthday at our Hotel and we didn't congratulate him/her?

By means of the CRM module integrated in the Seven Stars standard, the Hotel will have a better knowledge of its customers, and therefore will be able to offer them a better service (dossier of checkins, profile analysis, top ten of customers, etc), besides, strengths and weaknesses will be easily analysed (e.g. via satisfaction forms), and the data the system generates will enable launching marketing campaigns (database generator, selection by invoicing range, regions/countries...), etc.

If the information is in the System, the hotel must be given tools to get the most of it.

Seven Stars CRM allows the Hotel to implement a management based on the customer and develop a business strategy (sales, marketing) according to the data that management provides.

Basic capabilities of the Seven Stars CRM module

  • CARDEX: visualization of the commercial contacts in the database (access to the customer full file, including all the data associated to all their stays at the Hotel: (360 degree vision))
  • Profiles: it's possible to analyse customers profiles for a specific commercial contact (Customer, Travel Agency, tour operator, etc).
  • Top & Bottom 10: analysis of customers with largest and lowest production for the Hotel, in a given time period.
  • Query: Data analysis query building, determined by the user.
  • Dossier of checkins: delivers a summary of expected arrivals of customers throughout the day.
  • Hotel's Quality Control Tools (Evaluation Test and Information Test)


Most Hotels use complex Yield & Revenue Management methods in order to optimize their fees, they must lean on externally acquired applications, unrelated to the PMS. Thus, besides the additional cost the purchase of a new tool implies, the Hotel must enter in this external application -periodically and manually-, the information that is relevant to the fee calculation.

This manual process, that implies a relevant investment of time for the Head of Reception makes no sense if the PMS itself includes a Yield & Revenue Management module, as is the case of Seven Stars.

The Yield & Revenue Management module included in Seven Stars allows the Hotel to analyse the data that is available in the System to improve your income and profitability.

The information stored in the database may be exploited and cross-referenced to analyse the multiple events in your Hotel and therefore act accordingly to increase your revenue (by setting fees, sales or marketing policies, etc.)

Yield & Revenue Management Tools

Among the main outcomes of the Seven Stars Yield & Revenue Management capabilities, the following stand out:

  • Knowing and acting on the Marketing Mix variables (Price, Product, Promotion, Distribution), as well as other variables stored in the system.
  • Supervision of accommodation production, in order to take, in the event of deviation, the corresponding correction actions.
  • Following the results obtained from marketing actions
  • Opening and closing fees and offers, , depending on variables such as Occupation, Forecast, Reservations, Length of Stay, Dates, Release, etc.

Maintenance and Failures

Seven Stars includes a module to make the management of Hotel maintenance and failures easier. Using several scheduling tools, monitoring, files and analysis of intervention, etc., the Hotel's Head of Maintenance will be able to keep an optimized control of the proper status of the premises (both for a Preventive Maintenance as well as for the Management of Spontaneous Failures).

Tools for the management of Preventive Maintenance

  • Grid for planning maintenance actions (biannual boiler burner check, monthly antivirus check in all workstations, periodic elevator check, etc)
  • Tracking of rooms that are available during a number of days specified by the user (for instance for a preventive control of legionella)
  • Follow-up de of maintenance actions: using the action recordsheet it's possible to follow up costs associated with every preventive action, as well as the person responsible for it, intervention dates, etc.
  • Report generation (both geared to internal control as well as to support external auditing, e.g. Public health inspections, etc.)
  • Statistical analysis (by categories, priorities, etc.)

Tools for Spontaneous Failure Management

  • Registering and Monitoring of Failures through Action Sheets
  • Appointment of PResponsible Person, Priority, Deadline, Tipology, etc.
  • Cost analysis for every monitored failure.
  • Report generation, statistical analysis, etc.

Booking Engine

Seeing immediately the prices of different rooms may imply the purchase of a higher level room.

Seeing immediately the prices of different meal plans may imply the purchase of a higher level plan.

Seeing the non refundable Rate fee as cheaper than others implies charging it, with no option of failed reservation.

Seeing the options for extras and their prices available at the Hotel may imply opting for them

The latest component in StarMR, the Class One Comprehensive Hotel Management Suite, StarMR is a Booking Engine fully integrated with the Seven Stars PMS that obviously may be added to any Hotel web site.

With a cost well below what's usual for Reservation Engines available in the market, its user experience is noted for its agility and usability: a friendly and intuitive interface (that allows for easy changes in Type of Room, Number of Guests, Meal Plan, Check-in and Check-out Dates, etc.), calculates and instantaneously updates the booking total prices, even when several rooms are booked in the same reservation.

The special module for Agencies, Companies and Loyal Customers enables working with real time availability and instantaneously and automatically performing immediate confirmation reservations. A method is also enabled for direct reservations, from any smartphone, for loyal customers (identified in the cardex and worthy of their own special fee).


Booking Engine It connects directly to the selected Hotel's Reservation page. If a licence for our StarMR application has ben purchased, the interface links straight away to Hotel Reservations StarMR 4.0 which besides offering a great visibility of prices, uses upselling techniques.

OTA's Direct connection to multiple OTA's (On line Travel Agency), that have been previously certified. To name a few: Booking.com, Expedia Group, Hotelbeds,...

Restaurant Charges to your customers' Hotel account are possible from our StarPL Restaurant 4.0 system.

Bar/Cafeteria to your customers' Hotel account are possible from our StarPOS 4.0 system.

Events Queries on Scheduled Events are available.


The system features an accounting tool that'll show you every movement related to the daily Production at the Hotel, Invoices and Collections, besides other kinds of entries, classified by accounts customizable at will.

You'll also get all the movements related to the Taxes/VAT book.

This data is easily exported to any accounting application, besides to formats such as CSV, PDF or plain text.

Easy Demo

Check a simple demo of Seven Stars:: Quick Demo You'll be able to evaluate the minimum capabilities of the product.

Seven Stars
Special Demo

Find out why Seven Stars is Special Not all PMS have theses features. Try them out.

Seven Stars

Have a look at our commercial dossier where all the capabilities of the application are described in detail.


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